An organised home is a priority for those that want to live around less chaos & with a sense of calmness in their suroundings. If this sounds like somebody you want to be then this is the Program for you.

Each of the 2 steps - declutter & organise are carefully broken down into smaller parts so you can live more organised.

If you know my back-story, you’d know I lived with chaos – not knowing whether I was coming or going, tired, stressed, who looked okay on the outside, but inside was screaming “I’m exhausted! Help!” So getting organised, after a significant moment of gratitude was a life-saver for me – it helped me re-energise physically & mentally as I made decisions on how I wanted to live each day, & it most definitely helped me become a better person through greater focus & productivity.

The 2 steps I cover in this Program are truly what I believe will help you declutter & get organised.

ACTION: This Program comes with 2 workbooks that you can download & print.

They contain questions to answer & reflect upon, as you progress with the content. Alternatively, you can use & write in your own notebook.

Before you proceed however, let’s see if an Organised Home is for you …

Q: Is an organised home for me?

An organised home is for anybody wanting to overcome the chaos in their surroundings & better enjoy their surroundings.

It's an approach that helps you create a life you'll love because you're bringing together all that is important – your personal beliefs, your behaviours & your environment.

It mainly covers topics related to the daily demands of working mothers, however many women may find the content useful & are able to apply the ideas where appropriate to their needs.

Q: Who is it not for?

An organised home is not for those that don't want to pursue calmness in their homes.

Individuals that don't want to take action to make changes in their lives will also not find it suitable for them because there’s a lot of action points to try & implement.

So now, if this Program is for you, let’s move onto each of the three steps …